Interview about Nexon red internship

Intervew about Nexon red intership


As interest in the field of computation has increased recently, more and more EE students are deciding to become developers

As a result, more and more students  want to do internship as developer. In this issue of the EE Newsletter,  we interviewed

Kim Tae-geum, an intern at Nexon Red, to provide information on internship.


  1. Firstly could you introduce yourself shortly to the readers

I am Kim Tae-gum, class of 13 at KAIST EE. I went to school until the spring of 16 and took a semester off and  joined Nexon

GT as an intern and now I am working as a server developer in Nexon Red.


  1. Could you briefly tell us about Nexon red and what you are doing there.

Nexon Red, which I currently work for, is a subsidiary of Nexon GT, producer of Sudden Attack. Currently, Nexon Red’s

games include mobile games, Special Soldier and Super Fantasy War. My main work is log collection and analysis. If

many users use the game, the logs will accumulate in real time. At this time, I provide a foundation for processing logs in

a real-time without loss and processing them in an easy-to-analyze form.


  1. Could you tell us why you applied for internship and the recruitment process?

I started my internship because I did not want to study. In the spring semester of my senior year, I was quite tired

of being in the school. I happened to talk to my friend about this problem and  my friend told me that his friend is

hiring an intern at Nexon GT.  In my case, I went into all time recruitment , not  an open recruitment. In order to apply

for all time recruitment , you must first check the job information on the company homepage and  write your resume.

 If the submitted document passes the document review, you will be interviewed. The interview consists of a team

interview and a technical interview. In the case of a team interview, it is an interview that examines job suitability.

You usually listen to what the team is doing now, tell the interviewer what you want to do in the team, In the case

of a technical interview, mainly ask questions about programming skills. However, since it is an intern interview, there

are no hard questions and mainly ask questions about simple concepts such as algorithms or data structures.


  1. Could you tell me what the internship is like?

Work in the company usually starts at 10 am and finishes at 7 pm. When I go to work at a company, I do a scrum,

I share a brief story about what I did the day before and what I will do today. After that, they have time and work to

do their own work. Even if you are an intern, you do not have a lot of difference from regular employees. And, as a

game company, you often play games during the day to give feedback about game contents. Recently, the company

encouraged to play Lineage 2 Revolution, a game from other companies, to take 30 minutes a day during business

hours and analyze it.


  1. What part of your internship do you think is different from your school life?

During my internship, I felt that communication was very important for my company life. School assignments are

usually solo or four to five people at most. But when you develop something in a real company, there are many 

related teams and departments, as we collaborate with others, communication skills become very important. For

example, if you want to collaborate on a job before you need to constantly ask and discuss with other departments

about their work. I could rarely feel these things at school but I have felt the importance of communication skills

such as coordinating opinions with others in real life through the life of an intern.

  1. Please tell us if you enjoyed your internship and if you had difficulties.

Of course, best part is when you get paid.  But other than that, there was a reward to work. For example I used to write a

tool in the past and I was very happy when other team said they really liked the tool The hard part was when I first joined

the company and was getting adapted to my company life. Since I was adapted to life on campus, getiing up until 10 o’

clock and going to work on time was very hard. And it was hard for me because the atmosphere of company life was

different from the atmosphere of school life. Since company is a profit-making place sometimes I felt stress that I had to

make some performance.

  1. Do you have anything you want to do with the electronics department?

In EE, there are many students who want to pursue a career other than the developer. However, you aim for this career,

you will have limitations only by learning knowledge at school. So I recommend that you do an internship to gain valuable

experience you can not get in school. I worked with other team members while I work intern and got various lessons from

writing code.


Thank Kim Tae-geum for the interview




Minki Gang

Sungwon Han