Kim, Joungho Kim, Joungho


Ph.D. (1993) Univ.of Michigan


  • Best Award Winner, DesignCon 2011 - "Passive Equalizer Design Using Defected Ground Structures on PCBs, Y. Shim"
  • Best Student Paper Award, EMC Compo 2011 - “Vertical Noise Coupling on Wideband Low Noise Amplifier from On-chip Switching Mode DC-DC Converter in 3D-IC, K. Koo”
  • Best Paper Award, IMWS-IWPT 2012 - “Multi-Helix Inductor of WPT System for 3-D Stacked Package, E. Song“
  • C. Hwang, "A Novel Active EBG Structure using CMOS Process for Simultaneous Switching Noise Suppression in an On-chip Power Distribution Network", IEEE MWCL 2011.
  • M. Kim, "A Compact and Wideband Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure using a Defected Ground Structure for Power/Ground Noise Suppression in Multi-layer Packages and PCBs", IEEE TEMC 2012.
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