KAIST-GaTech(Georgia Institute of Technology) Dual BS Degree Program

Dual Degree Program Institutes

  • Department of Electrical Engineering, KAIST (KAIST-EE)
  • School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech-ECE)

Degree Process

  • While in the dual degree program, students spend two years each at both KAIST and GaTech. Participating students must satisfy the graduation requirements established by both universities in order to earn degrees from both institutions.


  • First-year undergraduates or second-year undergraduates in the Electrical Engineering Department

Entering semester at GaTech

  • Fall Semester: 2nd August
  • Spring Semester: 2nd January

Application period

  • 2nd December for Fall semester next year
  • 2nd June for Spring semester next year


  • GPA: 3.5/4.3 or greater
  • English skills equal or greater than listed below (Tests that are taken within 2 years from application date)
    • TOEFL PBT 560, CBT 220, or IBT 83
    • TOEIC 720
    • TEPS 600

List of primary submissions

  • Official Transcript
  • Official English proficiency test score documents
  • Self-introduction
  • CV
  • Academic Plans
  • Reference Letter

Contact for Document submission

  • myfriend@kaist.ac.kr (Howard.S.H.Kim, Administration Team, School of Electrical Engineering)


  • What's the policy for mutually recognized subjects when both institutions must meet their graduation requirements?

    Basically, similar subjects should be accepted as much as possible, but if the corresponding subjects cannot be found or meet the requirements of the course, additional courses should be completed.

  • In what cases do you have grant access to tuition?

    In principle, GT's tuition during the GT study period is to be self-subsidized. Only the number of KAIST students, corresponding to the number of students coming to KAIST to complete a joint degree program from GT, will be exempted from GT's tuition fees by paying tuition to KAIST.

  • What will be the payment of the science and engineering and president's scholarship fund if I want to complete my studies after finishing my studies at GT and return to KAIST for the 1st and 2nd semesters?

    The science and engineering and presidential scholarships are government regulations, and under current regulations will be discontinued if you move to GT to study.

  • What are the key criteria for selection?

    The selection will basically refer to the academic performance, the appropriate level of English performance, and the content of the study plan.

  • What are the advantages of this joint degree program?

    While academic performance at prestigious overseas universities has advantages in that they can acquire a foreign language, they have disadvantages of excessive tuition and lack of connection with domestic universities. The KAIST-GT joint degree program is an academic opportunity that brings together the merits of the undergraduate study.