Announcement regarding 2018 spring graduate school admission

2018 Spring Semester Graduate Courses and Integrated Master’s and Doctoral Course Admission (for students

enrolled in KAIST Master's Program) In addition to the documents to be submitted to the KAIST Graduate Admissi-

-ons Team, you need to submit the documents (see Attachment 3) directly to the administration team of the School

of Electrical Engineering.

■ Additional documents to the administration team of the School of Electrical Engineering (see Attachment 3)





1. Field of 

Master's course (professional master's course) Applicants


Submit to

2. Application Form for Full-Time Class

Students with general scholarship (Master, Doctoral) Candidates who passed the document screening

2017.8.21.(Mon): Doctoral

2017.8.22.(Tue): Master's

Submit at the waiting room for interview on the date of interview


Confirmation of Advisor Professor

Doctoral course applicants (for students enrolled in KAIST Master's course including Integrated Master’s and doctoral course applicants )


Submit to administration team of KAIST School of Electrical Engineering

List of Attachments

1. 2018 Spring SemesterAdmission Guideline for Graduate School

2. 2018 Spring Semester Admission Guideline for Integrated Master’s and Doctoral Course (for KAIST Master Students)

3. Admission Guidline for KAIST Graduate School of Electrical Engineering




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