Dr. Yoon-sun Do (from Prof. Kyung Cheol Choi's lab) was appointed as assistant professor at Kyungpook National University

Dr. Do Yoon-sun, who was from professor Kyung Cheol Choi's laboratory, was appointed as assistant professor at Kyungpook National University.

After receiving a Ph.D in 2013, as a result of working at Samsung Display, her accomplishments during her doctoral studies at KAIST were an important part of Dr. Yoon-sun Do's research achievements.


The appointment of professor of KAIST female talents is a rare achievement. Dr. Hee-jung Byun (Associate Prof. Jong Tae Lim), who earned Ph.D. in 2005 and was appointed to the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at Suwon University, is the most recent case of female appointment in our department.

In addition, the cases of appointment of female professor for our deparments are Prof. So-ryung Park in Catholic Univ. (Ph.D in 2002, Associate Prof. Ik-ho Song), Prof. Ga-won Lee in Choongnam National Univ. (Ph.D in 1999, Associate Prof. Cheol-hee Han), Prof. Jung-hye Kim in Soonchunhyang Univ. (Ph.D in 1995, Associate Prof. Jungwoong Na).

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