Professor Choi Sung-Yool's team published a cover paper on Advanced Funtional Materials

A joint research conducted by Professor Choi Sung-Yool of our department, and Professor Im Sung-Gap of Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering was published as a Front cover paper on Nov. 17 in Advanced Functional Materials.

The title of this paper is 'Low-Power Nonvolatile Charge Storage Memory Based on MoS2 and an Ultrathin Polymer Tunneling Dielectric', and the author is M.S graduate Woo Myung Hoon (1st co-author, now Samsung Electronics), Ph.D candidate Jang Byoung Chul (1st co-author), Ph.D candidate Choi Joon-hwan, Professor Im Sung-Gap (co-author), and Professor Choi Sung-Yool (correspondent author).


Jorunal : Advanced Functional Materials

Title : Low-Power Nonvolatile Charge Storage Memory based on MoS2 and an Ultrathin Polymer Tunneling Dielectric

Author : M.S graudate Woo Myung Hoon (1st co-author), Ph.D candidate Jang Byoung Chul (1st co-author), Professor Choi Sung-Yool (correspondent author)


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