Prof. Dong Ho Cho Chosen as the 2017 Haedong Prize Winner

Professor Dong Ho Cho was chosen as 2017 Haedong Prize Winner by The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences.

Professor Dong Ho Cho has conducted research on architecture, protocol, algorithm design, optimization, and performance analysis of mobile communication network and mobile system. Over the past 10 years, he has published 73 papers in internationally renowned journals, 133 papers in international conferences, 52 international papers, filed for 121 patents. Among these, 14 patents have been transferred to domestic and foreign companies, and it has been recognized that it contributed to the development of Korea's information and communication industry.

The award will take place on the first of December at Grand Ballroom A of Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel .

Congratulations on Professor Cho Dong-ho's Haedong Prize

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