Jeon, Sanghun Jeon, Sanghun

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    I am currently performing research on core materials, process, device and integration technology of wearable IoT sensor, hafnia ferroelectric device, storage class memory and stretchable display.

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    ANTONIS (Advanced NanoTechnology based Opto, electronic, tactile device aNd Integrated System) Lab
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Ph.D. (2003.2) GIST


  • "Gated Three Terminal Device Architecture to Eliminate Persistent Photoconductivity in Oxide Semiconductor Photosensor Array," Nature Materials (2012)
  • "Origin of High Photoconductive Gain in Fully Transparent Heterojunction Nanocrystalline Oxide Image Sensors and Interconnects," Advanced Mateirals (2014)
  • "Transparent Semiconducting Oxide Technology for Touch Free Interactive Flexible Displays," Proceeding of IEEE (2015)
  • "Low-voltage, High-sensitivity and High-reliability Tactile Sensor Array with Fully Inkjet-printed Stretchable Conducting Electrode," Nano Energy (2017)
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