"Defense Modeling and Simulation" Published by Professor Tag-Gon Kim

Professor Tag-Gon Kim of our department has published a book titled "Defense Modeling and Simulation" in March of this year.

Information related to the book is on below.


Title: Defense Modeling and Simulation

Publisher: Hanti Media

Publish Date: 03.02.2018



Defense Modeling and Simulation (M&S) technology is a convergence technology that encompasses M&S theory, defense domain knowledge, and ICT technology, and is used for defense system/war game analysis, military training/exercises and weapons system development. This book deals with the entire life cycle of defense M&S based on the M&S theory that the author has been studying for over 30 years and the practical experience gained from the past 20 years of defense M&S research and development tasks.

The features of this book are slides and explanations of concepts related to defense M&S technology. The slides are a selection of 120 technical seminars held over the last 20 years in the military, academia, and academy, as well as those developed in KAIST industry-academy cooperative open lectures over the last 8 years (Lecture: Defense M&Tech I, II, III). All the case studies presented in this book were developed using Defense Model (DEVSimHLA) developed by our laboratory (System Modeling Simulation Laboratory: SMS Lab) which were deployed to the Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps, and the simulation results of these models.

The contents of the book deal with the method of modeling the defense system divided into the weapon system(engineering class), the tactical method/doctrine of the weapon system(engagement class), and the military mission according to the level of abstraction, and how to simulate them together. We also introduced a method to utilize Big Data/AI, which is a recent issue, for defense system modeling.

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