Achievement of Prof. Yongdae Kim's Laboratory Published in Ars Technica

The results of Professor Yongdae Kim's research have been published in Ars Technica, a foreign technical journal. The research team of professor Yongdae Kim have recently published a study on traffic data collected from 28 mobile telecommunication companies in 11 countries in the IEEE TMC and presented it to NDSS, which is one of the top-tier security conferences.


The IEEE TMC paper found eight performance bugs by comparing the signaling protocols of other mobiles telecommunication companies, using the nature of mobile communications standards complexity and the fact that mobile telecommunication companies do not care about implementation of other companies. As expected, each mobile telecommunication companies have their own bugs, so it emphasizes the need for collaboration between companies. This paper is a result of a joint research with Professor Sung-Ju Lee (Computer Science Department) and Professor Jean-Pierre Seifert (TU Berline, Germany).


The NDSS paper is the result of analyzing the vulnerability of an individual's location information that the third party can analyze whether the user is in a specific area by analyzing only the signaling message without the help of the mobile telecommuniation company. All of the telecommunication companies surveyed are vulnerable, and it seems that quick action is necessary for improvement.

The research team of professor Yongdae Kim have published lots of papers in the field of mobile communication security, while in the past, they have publihsed the vulnerabilities of VoLTE, IPv6 at the Internation Society.

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