Donation is not giving to others,
but it makes mine forever
Now, all of you can do.

Privilege of Support and Donation to Electrical Engineering Department

All donators are given the Donor Club Membership as follows, and we offer the respectful treatment of school and department.

Donor Club Membership
  • Visionaries
    Contributing over 1 billion won for the year
  • Leaders
    Contributing over 100 million won for the year
  • Pioneer
    Contributing over 10 million won for the year
  • Explorers
    Contributing over 1 million won for the year
  • Carers
    Contributing less than one million won for the year
Privilege of Support and Donation
Privilege of Support and Donation
Classification Contents of privilege Visionaries Leaders Pioneer Explorers Carers
Main event Donor year-end event    
Publications and Souvenirs Presentation of appreciation plaque  
Commemorative reputation permanent publication in the EE department building    
Privilege of donation company Cooperation support with EE department    
Notice and seminar announcement/participation of EE department hosted lectures      
Permission to use the space in EE department building        
Naming Name publication of donors in EE department Korean/English newsletter
Name publication of donors in EE deparment Homepage
Naming to classroom/fund (when assigned)  

* In the case of company privilege, it is a special privilege only granted to the company.


Donation Tax Benefit

Donation Tax Benefit
Classification Statutory Donation Assigned Donation
Deductible limit individual 100% amount of income amount of income 30%
corporate 50% amount of income amount of income 10%
Corresponding organization KAIST KAIST Development Foundation

* Inheritance donations apply equally to individuals, not subject to inheritance tax.


A valuable donation to KAIST's EE Department is used to provide more opportunities for students in KAIST's EE departments to learn and to help them conduct their studies in a better environment.

Method of support and donation