Jung, Myoungsoo Jung, Myoungsoo


Ph.D.(2013) Pennsylvania State University


  • SOML Read: Rethinking the Read Operation Granularity of 3D NAND SSDs, ASPLOS (2019)
  • Computing with Near Data, SIGMETRICS (2019)
  • FUSE: Fusing STT-MRAM into GPUs to Alleviate Off-Chip Memory Access Overheads, HPCA (2019)
  • FlashShare: Punching Through Server Storage Stack from Kernel to Firmware for Ultra-Low Latency SSDs, OSDI (2018)
  • Amber: Enabling Precise Full-System Simulation with Detailed Modeling of All SSD Resources, MICRO (2018)
  • Enhancing Computation-to-Core Assignment with Physical Location Information, PLDI (2018)
  • FlashAbacus: A Self-governing Flash-based Accelerator for Low-power Systems, EuroSys (2018)
  • PEN: Design and Evaluation of Partial-Erase for 3D NAND-Based High Density SSDs, FAST (2018)
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