Ph.D. Student Eun-Gyo Jeong from the Lab of Professor Kyung-Cheol Choi Awarded the BK21 Plus Prize from the Minister of Education

The cooperative research team from KAIST and Chonnam National University invented washable and wearable displays with energy-effectivity through independent power generation.

This invention is meaningful in many aspects. Firstly, without using wearable plastic boards with electrical circuits, the invention accelerates the commercialization of electronic devices, which use cloth texture as circuit boards. Secondly, this wearable device can save energy by generating power independently without a power source.

This study was conducted by the Ph.D. student, Eun-Gyo Jeong, and the researcher, Yong-Min Jeong, and was supported by business from the Ministry of Science and ICT, the National Research Foundation of Korea, and BK21 Plus. For the achievements of the study, Eun Gyo Jeong received a prize in the 5th award ceremony from BK21 Plus as a distinguished researcher on the 20th of March.


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