KAIST Superintelligence Communication/Computing Convergence Research Center (Head: Professor Joon-Hyuk Kang) has been selected as ITRC by Ministry of Science and IC

KAIST Superintelligence Communication/Computing Convergence Research Center, where Professor Joon-Hyuk Kang serves as the center director, was newly selected as the ICT Research Center (ITRC) of 12 universities by Ministry of Science and ICT.
Professor Joon-Hyuk Kang operates the center as head director and Professor Sung-Min Kim, Si-Hyun Lee, Jun-Il Choi, and Hang-Jung Zo (School of Business and Technology Management) are participating as detailed directors. The center has great significance in carrying out convergence research projects between Communication Division-Computing Division from our department and the School of Business and Technology Management.
The University ICT Research Center (ITRC) support project has been promoted since 2000 to foster master and doctoral research personnel through the implementation of core research projects in promising ICT core technologies. Over 15,000 graduate students have been produced. This year, a total of 12 centers were selected, focusing on promising areas (artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc.) with high demand for high-quality professionals in industrial and political manners, and areas where technology is urgently needed (quantum communication, blockchain, etc.).

The KAIST Superintelligence Communication/Computing Convergence Research Center was selected for the ‘wireless communication’ field.
Starting from this year, the project duration has been extended from a maximum of 6 years to 8 years, and also the support fund has been expanded to 800 million won annually to increase research stability for newly selected centers. Also, an ‘innovative leap-type research project’ was newly established, and the ‘student creativity autonomy project’ was expanded from 3 to 5 to create an environment where researchers can conduct research they want to do.
Congratulations again on your selection, and please refer to the link below for more information.


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