Professor Myoungsoo Jung's Research Team Develops Next Generation Storage Device Technology That Outspeeds Current SSDs

Our department's Professor Myoungsoo Jung's research team has developed the technology for fabricating next generation storage devices with speeds outstanding current date SSDs.

The team has developed a new NVMe controller technology that shows higher performance in computing speed and other aspects compared to modern date NVMe controllers. This is the case where the parallel input-output data computing of the SSD is performed solely by the hardware itself.

Further, the research will be freely opened to domestic, foreign universities and research institutes, saving costs for related research.

The team’s research paper (OpenExpress: Fully Hardware Automated Open Research Framework for Future Fast NVMe Devices) has been reported on July 18 at 'The USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2020', one of the most recognized conferences in the field of system engineering. This is the first time in 27 years since 1993 that a paper written by a single author from Asia has been selected at the ‘USENIX ATC’.

Professor Myoungsoo Jung emphasizes that the research has become a milestone for highspeed next generation storage system research and due to the free opening, many universities and institutes can now develop controller-based technologies, which were limited to very few companies until now.

The research was supported by the memory development company ‘Memray’ and can be viewed at the website (