KAIST Ranks 9th for Computer Systems in CS Rankings

KAIST has ranked 9th place in CS rankings in the field of computer systems.

The title has been achieved by the work of all departments’ professors over the past 10 years.

Many of our department's computer division professors' works have been included and has greatly contributed to the achievement.

csrankings.org is a site that evaluates each school’s computer science competitivity based on top conference researches. According to the present rankings, KAIST has ranked 9th right behind UIUC, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, UC Berkeley among other schools such as Stanford(10th), University of Washington (12th), and Georgia Tech(13th). csrankings.org has also been introduced in Communications of the ACM. ( https://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2019/7/237709-goto-rankings-considered-helpful/fulltext) The results are based on the field of computer systems, which has the most subfield among the 4 main fields of computer science (AI, systems, theory, interdisciplinary).

The rankings were based on the top 2-3 conference researches from each field (architecture, network, security, database, mobile computing, OS) for the past 10 years. One again we congratulate KAIST and our professors.

More information can be viewed in the link below.