Professor Joonwoo Bae and June-Koo Rhee Joins IBM Q-Network for Acceleration of Domestic Quantum Computing Research

Our university’s AI quantum computing IT research centers has announced last September 29th that it will be joining the IBM Q-network for developing quantum computing used in business and science. The IBM Q-network is a multi corporation, start-up, and research institute collaboration working with IBM.

As the first domestic academic member of the IBM Q-network, our university will use the highly advanced IBM’s quantum computing system to conduct research products for the development of quantum information science and early stage application usage. The vast IBM quantum resources will be also used for training professional quantum information related experts for the upcoming quantum computing era. Our university will take the lead for developing the quantum computing infrastructure, which is one the key technologies for the 4th industrial revolution.

Professor June-Koo Rhee, the head of the AI quantum computing IT research center, explains the quantum computing is a new technology that can solve difficult mathematic problems in a short time with low power and can reshape the future. He also mentioned that although our country is behind in quantum computing technologies, KAIST’s IBM Q-network will become an important resource for developing national competitiveness.

Our university’s A quantum computing IT research center have been using the IBM cloud open source IBM quantum experience for quantum AI, quantum chemistry calculation, quantum algorithm research and quantum computing education. Our university will be able to use IBM’s high end quantum computer for quantum AI based disease diagnosis, quantum chemical computer science, quantum machine learning, and other quantum related research and experiments. Also we will be able to communicate with other universities and corporations participating in the IBM Q-network.


About IBM Quantum

The IBM Quantum is an initiative for founding quantum systems for business and science applications. More can be found on More information about the IBM Q-network with all partners, members, and hubs are listed in