Professor Youngsoo Shin Along With 6 Others Receive 2020 Engineering School Technology Innovation Award

Our department’s professor Youngsoo Shin along with professor Jong-won Yu, Chang Dong Yoo, Jung-Yong Lee, Myoungsoo Jung, Song Min Kim, and Junil Choi have been rewarded the 2020 engineering school technology innovation award.

Each school selects and awards staff members for their contributions, and the engineering school has been awarding staff members who have greatly contributed to technology innovation and academic progress. Special awards are given to members for their development of world class technologies, significant academic achievements and industry-education cooperation.

This year's award was given to a total of 28 members including one grand award, and 7 professors from our department have received the award.

A total of 3,100,000 KW will be given along with the award.

We congratulate the 7 professors for their achievements and contribution to KAIST.

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