Professor Jae-Woong Jeong’s Research Team Develops Soft Wirelessly Chargeable Brain Transplant Device

Our department’s professor Jeong’s research team has developed a brain transplant device that can be charged wirelessly. The phone-controlled device can manipulate the brain’s neural circuits by using light without the need for changing the battery after being transplanted. The research was conducted along with Yonsei University Medical School’s professor JungHoon Kim’s research team.

One of the great advantages of this research is that it can be applicable for curing mental illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease and animal experiments that need long-time monitoring.

Our department’s Ph.D candidate Choongyun Kim and Yonsei University’s Ph.D candidate Minjung Koo have been enlisted as co 1st authors in the paper published in Nature Communications last January 22. (Paper title : Soft subdermal implant capable of wireless battery charging and programmable controls for applications in optogenetics

The research team will expand the research for further miniaturization and MRI-based applications. The research was funded by Ministry of Science & ICT, Korea Research Foundation and KAIST.

We congratulate professor Jeong and Ph.D candidate Choongyun Kim for the innovative research.

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