Professor Joung-Ho Kim has written a book ‘The Future of Engineering,’ which deals with the vision after the post-corona era

‘The Future of Engineering’ has been published, which is written by Professor Joung-Ho Kim of our faculty.

This is a new book that contains that this is the best time to move forward to become a ‘First Mover’ in the era of the 4th industrial revolution in Korea, even in the chaotic situation of the post-corona era.

The professor described a discourse on the role of Korean engineering to achieve true digital technology independence.

Against the rapidly changing environment, he expressed his position that we should take the lead in overcoming the crisis caused by COVID-19 by focusing on ‘digital engineering.’

In particular, the book explained the basic principles of artificial intelligence, big data, computers, and semiconductors that are rapidly developing in the 4th industrial revolution. The book suggests the directions of future innovative development and golden opportunities. It also explained the principle of mathematics, which is the basis of digital engineering, in a refreshingly readable manner.

In addition, this book presents the future of the 4th industrial revolution that will unfold after COVID-19, the development strategy of Korea, also including the concept of talents who will lead the future.

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