KAIST School of EE introduced an ARS system

KAIST School of EE Introduces ARS System

KAIST School of Electrical Engineering (Head Joonhyuk Kang) has introduced an automated telephone service ARS system to increase accessibility of via phone calls for internal and external customers.

Most of the EE department related issues can be guided throughout the ARS representative number 042-350-3411, and a button-type ARS menu selection system can be utilized for connecting to specific issue (undergraduate, graduate school, admission, donation) related staff members. Along with the recently introduced ARS system, the department has also introduced the chatbot system last February for more convenient administrative support. 

Head of EE Professor Kang mentioned that the ARS system along with the chatbot service system was introduced for automated and more convenient customer support in the digital era. Active participation and feedback are always welcomed, Prof. Kang said.

We appreciate your much usage of the homepage EE chatbot and the wired ARS system. 

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