Brain-Inspired Highly Scalable Neuromorphic Hardware Presented

Brain-Inspired Highly Scalable Neuromorphic Hardware Presented


KAIST EE research team fabricated a brain-inspired highly scalable neuromorphic hardware by co-integrating single transistor neurons and synapses. Using standard silicon complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology, the neuromorphic hardware is expected to reduce chip cost and simplify fabrication procedures.


The research team led by Prof. Choi, Yang-Kyu  and  Prof. Choi, Sung-Yool produced a neurons and synapses based on single transistor for highly scalable neuromorphic hardware and showed the ability to recognize text and face images. This research was featured in Science Advances on August 4. (Co-integration of single transistor neurons and synapses by nanoscale CMOS fabrication for highly scalable neuromorphic hardware)


To solve the problems, the research team mimicked the behavior of biological neurons and synapses with a single transistor, and co-integrated them onto an 8-inch wafer. The manufactured neuromorphic transistors have the same structure as the transistors for memory and logic that are currently mass-produced. In addition, the neuromorphic transistors proved for the first time that they can be implemented with a ‘Janus structure’ that functions as both neuron and synapse, just like coins have heads and tails.


Based on the manufactured neuromorphic transistors, the research team mimicked some brain functions such as gain modulation and simultaneous detection, and showed that it is possible to recognize text images and face images.


The neuromorphic semiconductor developed by the research team is expected to contribute to accelerate the commercialization of neuromorphic hardware.



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