Long-distance high-throughput quantum secure direct communication

  • Subject
    Long-distance high-throughput quantum secure direct communication
  • Date
    November 25th, Thursday, 5:00 pm
  • Speaker
    Prof. Gui-Lu Long (Tsinghua University)
  • Place



Quantum secure direct communication transmits information directly through quantum channels. It is witnessing a transformation from a mere theoretical scheme to a fully developed practical protocol. Central to this is to prolong its transmission distance and increase its capacity. Here we describe the developments in these two directions.





Wei Zhang received his Bachelor’s degree in 1998 and Ph. D in 2003, respectively, from Electronic Engineering Department, Tsinghua University, China. Then he joined Institute of Information Optoelectronic Technology, Electronic Engineering Department, Tsinghua University. At present, he is a tenured professor of Tsinghua University and the vice director of the Institute of Information Optoelectronic Technology. His research interests include Micro/nano-photonic devices, integrated quantum photonic devices, photonic quantum information technologies, especially quantum communications and quantum imaging. 

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