Awards of URP research presentations in Summer and Fall semesters 2008.

- The 1st Prize : Kim Da-Young, Yoo Dong-Kuen, Kyung-Tae Lee(Advisor : Hong Song-Cheol)
Title : Portable noncontact heartbeat sensor using LC oscillation

- The 2nd Prize : Kim Ho-Yeon (Yoo Seung-Hyup)
Title : Development of efficient light trapping structure for organic solar cells

- Encouraging Prize : Park Jae-Hyuck, Ko Byung-Jun, Oh Jun-Ho (Choi Woo-Jin)
Title : Developing Risk Simulation Models and Proposing a Risk Management for Korean Market

- Encouraging Prize : Oh Seung-Hwa (Choi Kyung-Cheol)
Title : Research on fabrication and characteristics of high efficacy plasma display

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