Awards of URP research presentations in Winter and Spring semesters 2009

There are the winners of 2009 Winter/Spring Semester URP Program Research Result Contest.

URP is an abriviation of Undergraduate Research Participation.

This program serves as the main program encouraging the undergraduate students to participate in a variety of researches with more creativity.

First(Best) Award
Lee, Chang ik (B.S.), Bang, SuyoungB.S.) (Advisor: Cho, SeingHwan)
Title: Research and development for blood glucose and pulse transit time measurement system using bioimpedance

Excellent Award
Hong, In Joon (B.S.) (Advisor: Choi, Kyung Cheol)
Title: Analysis of Gas Discharge in Transparent AC PDP

Encouragement prize
Park, Sunmi (B.S.), Kim, Knmyeong (B.S.) (Advisor: Choi, Yang-Kyu)
Title: CV-modeling of MOS capacitor on quantum barrier substrates

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