AI in EE




AI and machine learning are
a key thrust in EE research

AI and machine learning are a key thrust in EE research

AI/machine learning efforts are already a big part of ongoing research in all 6 divisions 
Computer, Communication, Signal, Wave, Circuit and Device  of KAIST EE. Examples include
neuromorphic devices, VLSI hardware architecture tailored to machine learning, image/voice recognition
via deep learning, statistical inference, coding and information theory to enhance distributed machine
learning, intelligent robots, quantum information, brain imaging, etc.

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Circuit division

In 2018, more than 1.5 billion US dollars have been invested in AI Circuits from silicon valley. Big companies (Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, etc) are pouring even more money to develop Circuits for AI. Why? Because circuit is the biggest bottleneck in AI. The progress in AI cannot continue without the advancement of circuits that form the core foundation of neural networks and machine learning. Circuit is and will continue to be the hottest area in AI for the upcoming future.

Recent AI-related activities in Circuit Division

See below for specific ongoing research topics related to AI and machine learning within the Circuit Division of KAIST EE.