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Job Recruiting – Hanon Systems Co., Ltd.

Hanon Systems Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 as a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Mando Machinery Co., Ltd., and is a leading company specialized in thermal energy management solutions of automotive.

  • Global Top 2 Company with Full Line of Automotive Thermal Management Solutions
  • Global sales of 5.7 trillion in 2016
  • Offices in 19 countries in Asia, Europe and North America (40 production plants worldwide / 4 global research centers all over the world)
  • Over 16,000 employees worldwide
  • KOSPI listed company 

Hanon Systems – Corporate Video (Long Version):

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Job Detail


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Related Major



System / Heat Exchanger Development


Development of automotive air conditioning system and heat exchanger, improvement of indoor air quality,

Development of eco-friendly vehicle heat management system


Future Vehicle Parts Research


Preliminary study on the thermal management system and components of future cars (electric / hybrid / fuel cell vehicles)

Embedded Software Design


Mechanical/Electrical Engineering


Compressor development


Development of compressor, compressor, clutch, etc.




Controller development


Developed controller for automotive air conditioning system and thermal management system

System control technology development / System controller embedded software design


Industrial Engineering/

Material Science



Design evaluation and verification


Evaluation and improvement of real vehicle / system / single part, heat fluid flow, structure / NVH, performance analysis


Technical Management and Planning


Establish technology strategy and roadmap

Strengthening R & D infrastructure and promoting performance, External cooperation





Finance / Accounting


Management performance analysis and management, accounting policy management






Human Resource


Educational planning and operation for talent placement, operation, evaluation, training of human resources


No major

(Preference for science and engineering)


 Candidates: Those who are expected to graduate in February 2018 and or those who already have graduated 

                 ※ No reason for disqualification for overseas travel
                 ※ For men, those who are done with military duty or exempted from military duty 

Application period: 2017.9.18 (Mon) to 2017. 10.2 (Mon) to 17:00 (Korean time)


How to apply
  ※ Visit Hanon system website (