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A joint work led by a Ph.D. from Prof. Cho's laboratory is published in ACS Nano and covered in news articles

A joint work led by a Ph.D., Sun Jin Kim, from Prof. Cho’s laboratory and a research team led by Prof. Han Eol Lee from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST is published in ACS Nano and covered in news articles.

The flexible thermoelectric elements fabricated using this process can provide high flexibility and outstanding power generation performance, as well as the highest current density compared to other printing-based elements.

This fabrication process realizes convenience with the use of laser multiscanning lift-off technology. Further, it is superior to the existing methods in terms of process safety, and at the same time achieves weight reduction and flexibility of thermoelectric elements.


Title of the Article : Development of flexible thermometer power generator (Yonhapnews)

Title of the Journal : ACS Nano

Title of the Paper: High-Performance Flexible Thermoelectric Power Generator Using Laser Multiscanning Lift-Off Process

Contents of the Paper: Development of high-performance flexible thermoelectric power generator using screenprinting technology and laser multiscanning lift-off process

Authors : Sun Jin Kim (Prof. Cho’s laboratory), Han Eol Lee (Prof. Lee’s laboratory) and 6 others


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