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(October 25) Artificial Neural Network Deep Learning vs. Natural Intelligence Deep Learning & Apps for Image, Video, Voice Automation Processing


Artificial Neural Network Deep Learning vs. Natural Intelligence Deep Learning & Apps for Image, Video, Voice Automation Processing


2016/10/25 (Tuesday) 16:00-17:30


Prof. Harold Szu (Research Ordinary Professor, The Catholic University of America, USA)


#113, ICT B/D 1F (N1), KAIST


How can we go beyond current ANN AI? We apply biomedical breakthrough of brain tumor Glioma to understand the missing half of Einstein’s Brain, Glial Cells, we can develop Natural Intelligence as Unsupervised Deep Learning in this talk

– PART I: ANN Deep Learning: We review current progress in Internet Giants, Google Brain Alpha-Go, YouTube (discovery of the most favorite video is cat), Facebook (independent of age, expression), that all have broken Alan Turing Machine definition of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that could no longer tell on the other end of terminal is compute or human Natural Intelligence.
– PART II: BNN Deep Learning: We Comparing AI Deep Layer versus BNN NI Deep Learning. Machine IQ Rescue Mission for outer space undersea to a nuclear reactor melt down.
– PART III: Modern Brain Molecular Biology: secrete of longevity, genetic epigenetic


Dr. Szu has been a champion of components of human sciences ( and brain-style computing for 3 decades; a founder, former president, and governor of International Neural Network Society (INNS), he received the INNS D. Gabor Award in 1997 “for outstanding contribution to neural network applications in information sciences and pioneer implementations of fast simulated annealing search,” and the Eduardo R. Caianiello Award in 1999 from the Italy Academy for “elucidating and implementing a chaotic neural net as a dynamic realization for fuzzy logic membership function.” Recently, he contributed to the unsupervised learning theory of the thermodynamic free energy of sensory pair for fusion. Because of this contribution, Dr. Szu is a foreign academician of Russian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences in 1999 for the unsupervised learning based on a homeostasis constant Cybernetic brain temperature. Recently, SPIE awarded him with the Nanoengineering Award and the Biomedical Wellness Engineering Award. Besides 640 publications, (cf. over dozen US patents, numerous books & journals, Dr. Szu taught students “how to be creative in interdisciplinary sciences” according to the Boltzmann, Ehrenfest, Uhlenbeck’s Reinsurance Individual and Team Creativity Methodology, and guided over a dozen PhD students.  (
He is now a senior scientist at Army Night Vision Electronic Sensor Director, Ft. Belvoir, VA. He was a visiting member of Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton in 1977-78.He remains with DoD defining the basic research in Sensors, Surveillance, and Communication, and in charge of Biomedical Wellness Lab at US Army NVSED, Ft Belvoir VA.  Since CUA has campus on Ft. Belvoir, Prof. Szu is appointed as Professor of CUA (
– Fellow of American. Institute Medicine & BioEngineering 2004 for breast cancer passive spectrogram diagnoses.
– Fellow of IEEE (1997) for bi-sensor fusion;
– Foreign Academician, Russian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences, 1999, for unsupervised learning.
– Fellow of Optical Society America (1996) for adaptive wavelet
– Fellow of International Optical Engineering (SPIE since 1995) for neural nets.
– Fellow of INNS (2010) for a founding governor and former president of INNS