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(July 17) Next-Generation Displays, Sensors and Semiconductor Devices


Next-generation displays, sensors and semiconductor devices


2017. 07. 17. PM 5:00-6:00


Prof. Sanghun Jeon, Dept. of Applied Physics, Korea University


EE Uribyeol-seminar room (E3-2, Room # 2201)


The forth industrial revolution will be the “revolution of manufacturing technology” that approaches the extreme by establishing a mutual communication system between production equipment and products through the Internet of things and optimizing the entire production process. It is expected to be embodied in a system that integrates space. Candidate technologies that will make key contributions include artificial intelligence, robots, internet, and cognitive technologies, as well as display, sensor and semiconductor device technologies. Future display technologies will require vigor, bi-directional, flexible, high-definition, new materials, and three-dimensional technologies. Biometric information recognition, ultra-wearable, . Next-generation semiconductor technology will require ultra-high-density, ultra-low-power logic devices and memory technology to implement a CPU that corresponds to human brain size and computational power.
This seminar will cover the topics and contents related to the next generation device technologies that have been preliminarily researched and developed. In the display field, technologies such as bi-directional display and transparent optical sensor that can communicate with users and devices are presented. In the field of sensors, they will be covered in electronic skin consisting of sensor networks that perform low power or self-power functions. In the next-generation semiconductor field, we will refer to the possibility of new memory as a 2-3 terminal device technology using a hafnia ferroelectric. This new memory device technology is ultimately applicable to non-volatile logic-in-memory and multi-logic logic as well as to novel logic logic. It is also applicable to storage class memories with recent technological needs, We judge by technology. Thank you for your interest.


• 13.03- Associate Professor, Applied Physics, Korea University
• 03.03- 13.02 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Senior) Researcher
• 99-03 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, 97-99 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, 93-97 Chonbuk National University
• Awards
2015-2017 Korea Paper Tower Research Award (SCI Paper Best Award), 2013 Samsung Paper Champing Award, 2011 Samsung Best Paper Award,
2012 Samsung Engineering Research Institute Wuhan Inquiry Award, 2010-2012 Samsung Electronics Innovation Award, Monthly Highlight Report 4 times. Semiconductor charge trap flash
Memory transfer, oxide optical sensor and bidirectional display, 2003 Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Best Paper Award,
2002 SSDM Young Researcher Award, 1996 Chonbuk National University