Scholarship and Living Expenses

The following content has been created by the 2014 standard of Korean graduate students.

Student Type Government-sponsored scholar KAIST scholar KAIST KEPSI KAIST LGenius KAIST EPSS General scholar
Entrance Fee 353,000won
Criteria(Tuition) 9,559,000won/semester
Scholarship(Tuition) 8,406,000won/semester 5,511,000won/semester
Tuition 1,153,000won/semester 4,048,000won/semester
4,048,000won/semester (Depending on the type of scholarship, a large amount of the payment will be supported from companies or professors.)
Additional Scholarship
Payroll Cost T.A. Salary and 
Living Expenses Support 
(T.A. salary
Master course
Ph.D. course
(Additive 500,000/month for Extra TA)
Consultation with the professor Master course
Ph.D. course
110k, 120k,
160k, 170k, 
190k depending on years
Look up the website, or contact the office Look up the website, or contact the office Consultation with the company
Lab Project Salary It depends on the situation of laboratory.

Living Expenses

Medical Mutual Aid Society Fee 30,000won/semester
Student Union Fee 29,000won/semester
Dormitory Fee 94,000/month ~ 280,000/month
(It depends on the type of the dormitory, mostly 94,000/month )
Food Expenses 3000won/meal ~ 5000won/meal (