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Global Lecture Series on ICT

KAIST Global Lecture Series on ICT



Lecture Title

Lecture Schedule

1 10. 7. 5~6 Radia Perlman(Intel Fellow)

Charlie Kaufman

(Microsoft Partner Architect)

Principles of Network Security Protocols 2010.7.5 Problems in network security, Overview of cryptography, Key distribution, and Kerberos2010.7.6 Concepts in real-time protocols, IPsec, SSL, SSH, and the Web
2 10. 7. 19~20 Prof. Carl Kesselman(University of Southern California,

Developer on Globus)

Grid Computing and its Application 2010.7.19 Overview of grid computing, Globus, and other grid software tools2010.7.6 Challenges in biomedical applications and a look in biomedical grid infrastructures
3 11. 2. 23~25 Sani Nassif(Manager,

IBM Austin Research Lab)

Variability-Induced Challenges Beyond the 22nm Node 2011.2.23 Topics in circuit analysis2011.2.24 Technology characterization and trends

2011.2.25 Circuit resilience

4 11. 8. 2~6 Prof. Chunming Qiao(IEEE Fellow,

University at Buffalo)

Optical Networks and Cloud Computing 2011.8.2 Basic optical switching concepts2011.8.3 Advanced switching concepts

2011.8.4 Basic intro to cloud computing and optical switched datacenter networks

2011.8.5 Virtual Infrastructure Mapping (VIM) and survivable VIM for IaaS

2011.8.6 Availability analysis and SLA


5 12. 3. 5~4. 30 Prof. Hyuck M. Kwon(Wichita State University) Multi-Input Synchronization 2012.3.5 Point-to-point system synchronization I2012.3.12 Point-to-point system synchronization II

2012.3.19 Multipoint-to-multipoint systems under perfect synchronization

2012.4.2 Multipoint-to-point system synchronization I

2012.4.9 Multipoint-to-point system synchronization II

2012.4.16 Multipoint-to-point system synchronization III

2012.4.23 Multipoint-to-point system synchronization IV

2012.4.30 Discussions for distributed multipoint-to-multipoint system synchronization

6 12. 7. 30~8. 3 Prof. Ness Shroff(Ohio State University) Resource Allocation and Control of Wireless Networks
7 13. 4. 3~5 Prof. Ting-Wei Tang Introduction to Semiconductor Device Modeling
8 13. 11. 4 Prof. Yoshua Bengio(University of Montreal) Unsupervised Learning of Representations
9 14. 9. 1~13 Prof. Kenichi Iga(Former President at Tokyo Institute of Technology) A Jewel Box of Optoelectronics 2014.9.2 VCSEL and Franklin Award2014.9.4 Electronics, who?

2014.9.11 Photons, from where?

2014.9.12 Laser and contrabass – resonance and harmony

10 14. 10. 12~24 Prof. Thomas Kailath(Emeritus Prof. at Stanford) Displacement Structure of Matrices and Their Applications 2014.10.14  The process of making breakthroughs in engineering2014.10.16  Displacement structure of matrices and some applications

2014.10.17  Array algorithms for communications and signal processing (part 1)

2014.10.21  Array algorithms for communications and signal processing (part 2)

11 15. 3. 1~4. 15 Prof. Eric Vigoda(Georgia Institute of Technology) Approximate Counting, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Phase Transitions 2015.03.02  Phase transitions in approximate counting2015.03.06  Introduction to Markov chain Monte Carlo methods

2015.03.11  Approximating the permanent

2015.04.14  Computational phase transitions for the Potts model

12 15. 9. 1~10. 22 Prof. Te Sun Han(Visiting Prof. at Waseda University) Facets of Information Theory and Information Spectra 2015.09.01 Random number generation: Tutorial2015.09.03 Network coding: Tutorial

2015.09.08 Multi-terminal statistical inference: Overview

2015.09.10 Information theory and information spectra: Overview

13 16. 3. 2~6. 20 Prof. Kazuro Kikuchi(Univ. of Tokyo) Coherent Optical Communications 2016.05.232016.05.24