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[University of California, San Diego Neuroelectronics Group] PhD student positions in Neuromorphic Computing and Neurotechnology Development

[PhD positions in Neuromorphic Computing and Neurotechnology Development]


University of California, San Diego, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Neuroelectronics Group ( ).

UC San Diego engineering ranks #10 in U.S. News and World Report best engineering school rankings.


PhD position in Neuromorphic Computing will focus on development of new neuromorphic computing paradigms based on novel device technologies. Previous experience/interest in two of below areas is required; 1) nanoscale device fabrication, 2)semiconductor devices, 3)neuromorphic circuits, 4)neural network models and machine learning algorithms.


PhD position in Neurotechnology development will focus on new implantable brain interfaces.


Previous experience/interest in two of below areas is required; 1) neural implant design for brain computer interfaces, 2)nanoscale device fabrication, and 3) signal processing or machine learning for neural data analysis, 4) Neuroscience and 5) Photonics.


These positions will provide a great opportunity to ECE PhDs to expand their research interests into various new computing applications and gain experience in design, development of new technologies in an interdisciplinary research group.


Recent examples of publications:


I am looking for highly self-motivated and independent students with a passion for technology and computing.

The position will provide a unique interdisciplinary training for the fellow and opportunity to closely collaborate with researchers from UCSD Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience.

The student will work under the supervision of Professor Duygu Kuzum ( ).

Interested candidates should first contact Prof. Kuzum including their CV (dkuzum AT and then apply to PhD program at UCSD ECE (