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Guidance on Issuance of Certificate for Undergraduate Students Who Failed to Meet English Requirements

 “Guidance on Issuance of Certificate for Undergraduate  Students Who Failed to Meet English Requirements” 

                                                – Details-

 A. Applicability
    Students who entered the university after 1998 and obtained more than 130 credits including 9AU 

    in physical education and voluntary service (those who have satisfied the requirements for undergraduate 

    course work), but failed to meet the English requirements.


 B. Certificate Issuance Procedure
    Fill out the attached Application for Issuance of Certificate (applicant) ->
    Confirmation by Advisor and Department Head/ Division Chief (If necessary,
    confirmation is available at relevant college.) (Department/Division) -> Approval by Associate Vice President of     Academic Affairs and Issuance (Office of Academic Affairs/ Academic Registrar’s Team)


  C. Application Period: Jul. 13(Monday) ~ Jul. 17(Friday), 2015


  D. Issuance Fee: 500 KRW per copy


  E. Process for the Students Who Obtain the Certificate
     – Students do not sign up for courses, they will be exempt from tuition and supporting fees.
     – When the students meet the English requirements, he/she will be able to get bachelor’s degree on the 

       graduation date
       (according to academic calendar) after undergoing necessary procedure including review of each college. 
     – The Office of Academic Affairs (Academic Registrar’s Team) will notify the list of the students who have 

       received the certificate to the relevant colleges, and the relevant colleges will utilize the results as reference 

       data for graduation evaluations.



Attachment: Application for Issuance of Certificate.  End.