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Pre-screening for the undergraduate who will graduate in 02/2016


 This is a notice regarding the pre-screening for the undergraduate who will graduate in 02/2016.

If you have completed more than or equal to 130 credits INCLUDING THIS Fall semester,

please refer to the attached documents and submit the PRE-SCREEN document via email to (

by August 26, 2015.

Please name a email title as “2016/02 Graduation Pre-Screening(Name, Student Number)”


if you are going to postpone your graduation, then reply e-mail about it.

# Pre-screening process




by August 26

 Write a pre-scren form and submit it via email

(Include Mapping table if transferred from ICU)

Aug. 27~ Aug. 28

 Screen by department

Aug. 31~ Sep. 2

Visit Dept. office and Confirm


# Things to note

        1. Students are responsible for themselves and must submit it

  2. Pre-screen form is very important and department is not responsible for

     any disadvantage the students receive by not submitting the pre-screen form.

        3. Please check the student number before submission.

    Attachments: Pre-screen form for different student numbers and ICU mapping table(Excel file)

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