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Announcement for 2016 February Commencement Ceremony

1. Date: Friday, February 19, 2016, 12:30 ~ 16:30


2. Venue: Lyu Keun-Chul Sports Complex(N3)


3. Participants

  o Graduates those who graduated on August 2015

  o Expected graduates on February 2016


4. Notice

1) All graduating students may arrive before 13:00 at the following places;

o Bachelor’s Degree: Auditorium(E-15)

o Master’s Degree: Chung Moon Sool B/D 1st Floor(E-16)

o Doctor’s Degree: School of Humanities &Social Science B/D(N-4), A/V Room

2) Waiting Place and Time

All graduating students should arrive at the waiting place by 12:30 ~ 13:00 to check attendance. Students who don’t confirm their attendance will not be presented individually with the diploma on the stage.

3) Notice for Attendance (Specify in the Final Report)

o Students who send notice for attendance will be presented individually with the diploma on the stage. Students who don’t send notice for attendance will not be allowed to attend the ceremony.

o The commencement ceremony is starting from 12:30 to 16:30, and you cannot leave during the ceremony.

4) Final Report Submission (Mandatory)

o Final Report Form

– Department Office or → Notice Board → Student Notice → download

o Submission

– Deadline : Graduating students should submit the final report to the department office by January 5 (Tuesday)

※ Students who graduated in Aug 2015 should submit the final report to the Student Affairs Team or Graduation Gown Rental place.

※ This is mandatory. All graduating students should submit the final report.

5) Graduation Gown Rental Service

o Rental Period : Feb. 16 ~ 18, 2016 (10:00 ~ 17:00)

o Return Period: Feb. 19, 2016 and Feb. 20, 2016 (~ 12:00)

o Place: Student Center(N12), 2nd Floor

o Rental Fee: 10,000won

o Account Number: Post Office 312512-01-000015 (한국과학기술원)

– Rental Fee payment period : 15th Feb(Mon) ~ 18th Feb(Thu)

– Rental fee should be paid under the graduating student’s name.

– You must pay rental fee first then submit your deposit slip to rental office.

– Not available on the day of commencement

6) Please make sure to update your personal information including postal address in KAIST Portal if any changes are made.


[Familiy members of the graduating students]

1) Please arrive at the venue by 1:30 p.m (30 minutes prior to the ceremony)

2) A commencement ceremony will be held at Lyu Keun-Chul Sports Complex(N3) and a large screen showing the commencement will be prepared in E15 for those family members who do not attend in the ceremony.

3) A commencement ticket will be distributed at the Graduation Gown Rental place (up to 2 tickets for each graduating student). Decision on further distribution of the ticket will be made on the day of commencement.


[Commencement Inquiries] Student Affairs Team (Tel. 2162 ~ 2166)