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English Clinic for Graduate Students of School of EE

English Clinic(Edit)


EFL Program has opened a special English Clinic for graduate students majoring in Electrical Engineering (EE).


EE students can participate in online consultation with EFL professors for the improvement of their English paper writing and presentation skills until February 26th, 2021.

This special clinic may be extended upon the agreement between EE and EFL Program.

How to sign up: go to the clinic webpage ( and log in with your KAIST Portal ID & password; apply for Electrical Engineering Graduate students

*Please read the following rules before signing up for a consultation.

1.      Sign up should be completed one hour ahead of the session, and cancellation without penalty should be completed two days ahead.

2.      Monthly sign-up begins at 2:00 PM on 25th each month.

3.      Each session lasts 25 minutes and each student may sign up for up to two appointments per week.

4.      If a student does not show up or is more than five minutes late for an appointment, his or her appointment is automatically cancelled.

5.      If a student has two appointments automatically cancelled, he or she is not allowed to sign up for the rest of the semester.

6.      Though consultation is done on an individual basis, group consultation may be allowed.


For any further questions, please call the EFL program (Tel. 042-350-4686) or use the Q & A board at