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Notice for Feb, 2023 Commencement Ceremony

Notice for Feb, 2023 Commencement Ceremony


  1. Date/Time : Feb. 17 (Fri), 2023, 12:30~16:30
  2. Place : Lyu Keun-Chul Sports Complex (N3)
  3. Participants : Those who graduated in Aug. 2022 or are expected to graduate in Feb. 2023
  4. Instructions for participants  

1) Waiting area

o Candidates for Bachelor’s degree : Chung Moon Sool B/D (E16)

o Candidates for Master’s degree : Auditorium(E15)

o Candidates for Doctoral degree : A/V Room, School of Digital Humanities & Computaltional Social Science B/D(N4)

2) Time to arrive at the waiting place

o Graduates are to arrive at the waiting area between 12:30 and 13:00, and inform the relevant personnel of their arrivals.

o Only graduates who have notified their attendance of the commencement ceremony are allowed to receive their degrees on stage.

3) Notification of attendance at Commencement ceremony

o How to notify : Academic system Graduation management system Please select “attendance” or “non-attendance” at the degree conferral ceremony in the final graduation report and save.

o Deadline for submission : Dec. 30 (Fri), 2022

※ Students who have changed their mind about attending the ceremony after Dec. 30, 2022 are advised to contact the Student Affairs Team (sun-Young cho, by Jan. 16(Mon), 2023. (It is not allowed to change afterwards.)

※ In relation to attendance of the students who graduated in Aug. 2022, the Student Affairs Team will contact the students separately based on the input of the final graduation report. (mid-December, 2022~early January 2023)

o Note

– In relation to attendance in the commencement ceremony, only those students who have checked “attendance” in the final graduation report are allowed to receive their degrees on the stage during the ceremony.

(Those who have checked “non-attendance” or failed to submit the final graduation report are not allowed to attend the ceremony.)

※ The ceremony is expected to start at 12:30 and end at 16:30; leaving early during the ceremony is not allowed.

4) Graduation Gown Rental and Return

o Graduation gown rental period : Feb. 13 (Mon.)Feb. 16 (Thur.), 2023, 10:0017:00

o Period for return : By Feb. 17 (Fri.) 19:00/ Feb.18 (Sat.) 10:0012:00

o Period for payment of rental fee : Feb. 13 (Mon.)Feb. 16 (Thur.), 2023

o Place for graduation gown rental/return :

1) 2nd floor of the store building in the undergraduate area of the Student Center (N12) (next to the laundry) 

2) Lyu Keun-Chul Sports Complex (N3) Photo zone area on the left side of the 2nd floor lobby

3) Auditorium(E15) 1st floor lobby

o Graduation gown rental fee : 10,000 won

o Account number for payment of rental fee : Post Office, 312512-01-000015 (account holder : Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, 한국과학기술원)

o Matters to be checked when renting graduation gown : Student ID number and name, deposit details, attendance status of family (except graduates)



– Graduation gown rental fee must be paid in the name of the graduate without fail.

– When renting graduation gown, deposit slip or deposit screen shall be checked.

Proxy pick-up of graduation gown is allowed; rental service is not available on the day of commencement.

5) Identification and correction of present address on Portal system

o For dispatch of mails concerning commencement, graduates are advised to confirm the address registered in the Portal system and change it to the present address by the end of December, 2022.

[Information for Families and Friends]

1) Families and friends are requested to arrive at the arena by 13:30 (30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time) and greet graduates with applauses when they enter the arena.

2) Those who have failed to gain admission to the arena (N3) are able to watch the ceremony on a screen at the Main Auditorium (E15).

3) Admission tickets are distributed at the site (place for graduation gown rental); each graduate is guaranteed two guest tickets; as for request for additional guest tickets, decision shall be made at the site in consideration of the circumstances at that time.


[Commencement Inquiries ] Student Affairs Team Ext. 2162∼2166