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The 17 winners of the Prize of Samsung Human-Tech Thesis

17 students in our department won the prize of Samsung Human-Tech Thesis.

The winners are as follows.

★ Gold Medal

1. Young-bae Hwang (whose advisor is In So Kweon)
2. Hyung-soon Lim, Bon-sang Gu (whose advisor is Yang-Kyu Choi)

★ Silver Medal

1. Kyu-ho Sohn (whose advisor is Song Chong)
2. Il-hong Shin (whose advisor is HyunWook Park)
3. Jae-yeon Yoon (whose advisor is Yong Hoon Lee)
4. Kang-hyun Lee, Seong-wook Choi (whose advisor is Gun-woo Moon)

★ Bronze Medal
1. Deok-hwan Kim (whose advisor is Songcheol Hong)
2. Cheol-taek Kim (whose advisor is Ju-Jang Lee)
3. Jong-bae Park (whose advisor is Joungho Kim)
4. Ho-cheol Shin (whose advisor is Seon-Dae Kim)
5. Beom-ju Lee (whose advisor is Jong-Hwan Kim)
6. Bo-in Sohn, Seung-han Yoo, Seong-gu Yeo (whose advisor is Young-Se Kweon)
7. Ju-hyung Lee (whose advisor is Jun-Bo Yoon)
8. Cheon-hak Gu, Jin-woo Hahn (whose advisor is Yang-Kyu Choi)

★ Encouraging Medal
1. Jun-hyung Do (whose advisor is Zeungnam Bien)
2. Seon-il Lee (whose advisor is Chang Dong Yoo)
3. Jong-hyuk Lee, Young-cheol Oh (whose advisor is Noh-Hoon Myung)

As a result, we (our department) got ‘the prize of the department submitting the most theses’ as well as ‘the prize of the department bearing the most winners’.