Cho, Dong Ho

Cho, Dong Ho

Research Group



Communication Network, Protocol and Service


Ubiquitous Mobile Life Systems Lab.






Ph.D. (1985) KAIST
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  • “REMinerⅡ: A tool for rapid identification and configuration of repetitive element arrays from large mammalian chromosomes as a single query”, Genomics, vol. 100, issue 3, pp.131-140, Sep. 2012 (**Inside Front Cover Featured)
  • 14 international standards (3GPP2 standard, IEEE802.16e/j/m/ppc standard)
  • A pioneer among 100 persons representing Korea in 2020 by the Dong-A daily newspaper
  • OLEV system was selected as the 50 Best Inventions of 2010 by the Time Magazine
  • OLEV system was selected as the 10 Best Promising Technologies of 2013 by World Economic Forum(WEF)
  • Wireless Power Transfer System as the 2014 Innovation Award by International Union of Railways(UIC)