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Choi, Sung-Yool

Choi, Sung-Yool
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Research Group


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그래핀/2D 소자, 뉴로모픽 소자, 플렉서블 일렉트로닉스 (Graphene/2D Devices, Neuromorphic Devices, Flexible Electronics)


Quantum Materials and Devices Lab


KAIST Institutes B/D (E4)




Ph.D. (1998) KAIST
  • Byung Chul Jang, Sungkyu Kim, Sang Yoon Yang, Jihun Park, Jun-Hwe Cha, Jungyeop Oh, Junhwan Choi, Sung Gap Im, Vinayak P. Dravid, and Sung-Yool Choi*, Polymer Analog Memristive Synapse with Atomic-Scale Conductive Filament for Flexible Neuromorphic Computing System, Nano Letters, 19(2), 839-849 (2019)
  • Woonggi Hong, Gi Woong Shim, Sang Yoon Yang, Dae Yool Jung, Sung-Yool Choi*, Improved Electrical Contact Properties of MoS2-Graphene Lateral Heterostructure, Advanced Functional Materials, 29(6), 1807550 (2019)
  • Byung Chul Jang, Yunyong Nam, Beom Jun Koo, Junhwan Choi, Sung Gap Im, Sang-Hee Ko Park*, Sung-Yool Choi*, Memristive Logic-in-Memory Integrated Circuits for Energy-Efficient Flexible Electronics, Advanced Functional Materials, 28, 1704725 (2018) [Front Cover]
  • Myung Hun Woo, Byung Chul Jang, Junhwan Choi, Khang June Lee, Gwang Hyuk Shin, Hyejeong Seong, Sung Gap Im, Sung-Yool Choi*, Low-Power Nonvolatile Charge Storage Memory based on MoS₂ and an Ultrathin Polymer Tunneling Dielectric, Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 1703545 (2017) [Front Cover]
  • Hagyou Bae, Byung Chul Jang, Hongkeun Park, Soo-Ho Jung, Hye Moon Lee, Jun-Young Park, Seung-Bae Jeon, Gyeongho Son, Il-Woong Tcho, Kyoungsik Yu, Sung Gap Im, Sung-Yool Choi*, Yang-Kyu Choi*, Functional Circuitry on Commercial Fabric via Textile-Compatible Nanoscale Film Coating Process for Fibertronics, Nano Letters, 17(10), 6443–6452 (2017)
  • Insung Choi, Hu Young Jeong, Hyeyoung shin, Gyeongwon Kang, Myunghwan Byun, Hyungjun Kim, Adrian M. Chitu, James S. Im, Rodney S. Ruoff, Sung-Yool Choi*, Keon Jae Lee*, Laser-induced phase separation of silicon carbide, Nature Communications, 7, 13562 (2016)
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