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(August 11) The SIESTA Method as a Tool in Materials Science


The SIESTA Method as a Tool in Materials Science


2016/08/11 (Thursday) 11:00-12:00


Daniel Sanchez-Portal (Centro de Física de Materiales & Donostia International Physics Center, Spain)


KI B/D (E4), Room 501



Daniel Sánchez-Portal is a research scientist working in the Materials Physics Center CSIC-UPV/EHU in San Sebastián. His expertise and research interest cover the methodology of DFT based first-principles electronic structure calculations and their application to the study of nanostructures and surfaces. He is one of the developers of the SIESTA code for electronic structure simulations, which is used nowadays by hundreds of academic and industrial users. He has published over 140 scientific papers with a quite a large impact, and was recently elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society for his contribution to the development of methodologies for electronic structure calculations. He has experience in the organization of workshops and scientific meetings (NanoSpain 2004, Trends in Nanotechnology 2007, and several smaller scientific meetings as can be found in He teaches subjects related to his specialization in the theory and computation of the electronic structure of materials in the “Master in Nanoscience” of the Basque Country University (UPV/EHU) since it started in 2008.