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(Sep 13) Neural network viewed from material perspective


Neural network viewed from material perspective


2017.09.13 (Wed) 10:00-


In Kyeong Yoo (SAIT)


Applied Engineering B/D (W1-1), 2429


As artificial intelligence services materialize, neural networks which is the core is becoming hardwares. IBM, Google, etc. focuses on the neural processor for server processing, Qualcomm is oriented for mobiles and Intel is oriented to processor for autonomous driving. Therefore, considering domestic semicnoductor industry, We will review the desired neural processor development direction and to prepare for this, I will propose semiconductor devices to be prepared by the research institute. 

Neural network techniques are already used in bioinformatics as tool, so I will propose the way as materials informatics perspective to be applied in material development. Especially I will introduce the way and plans using examples which can speed up discovering new materials in fields where there are only few or no data by example cases.

Finally, we will review what type of artificial intelligence the finantial world (where artificial intelligence is urgently needed) is requiring and mention how we are going to apply this phenomenon to hardwares.


In Kyeong Yoo received his BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Hanyang University in Korea in 1975 and his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from VA Tech in USA in 1986 and 1990, respectively. Dr. Yoo worked as a member of Nondestructive Testing Engineers from 1978 through 1984 at Hyundai Heavy Industries. He joined the Materials Engineering Department at VA Tech as a Research Scientist from 1991 through 1993 and joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in 1993 as a team leader. Dr. Yoo described several electrical failure mechanisms in ferroelectrics including breakdown mechanisms and fatigue mechanisms when he joined VA Tech from 1991 through 1993. He is an expert in electrical characterization, modeling, and reliability analysis in oxides, dielectrics, and ferroelectrics. He developed the world’s first 1T-1C 64K PZT FRAM(Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) in 1996. He pioneered oxide TFT for LCD display application and developed the world’s first 1T-1R NiO resistance change memory (OxRRAM) in 2005. Dr. Yoo has published more than 130 papers and filed more than 145 Patents in fields including FRAM and OxRRAM. His most recent paper describes the source of data scatter of the asymmetric double switching in NiOx interpreted on the basis of percolation. He has served MRS as a Symposium Organizer for Ferroelectric Thin Films V, VI, and VI. He also served MRS as a Meeting Chair for 2014 Fall Meeting. He was appointed as Samsung Fellow in 2002, Samsung’s highest technical honor. He has consulted Materials Research Center at SAIT by December 2015 in finding new opportunities in the field of materials informatics and analytics device for IoT in relation to strategies for impending social infrastructure. He is currently working at POSTECH as a research professor in the field of Synaptic devices and Reconfigurable logics Dr. Yoo has received the FRAM development Award in 1996 and four Patent Awards as well as the Paper Award at SAIT.