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(Nov 9) Machine Learning Applications in the Radiology Department and Beyond


Machine Learning Applications in the Radiology Department and Beyond


2017.11.09 (Thu) 16:30-


Dr. Synho Do (Director of the Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation, Harvard Medical School), Yong Jun Choi (CEO of Pintech Inc.)


KAIST N-1 B/D #201


There are many machine learning solutions and applications that are burgeoning into papers, IPs, and startups. These tools are well suited for detection, segmentation, and classification of disease on medical images. Radiologists perform a combination of these tasks daily using film and computer systems. Dr. Do’s lab is developing medical image machine learning solutions to reduce physicians’ errors and improve patient care.

Presently, high performance computing systems are the most crucial components of the machine learning system. They are relatively inexpensive and very efficient tool in the medical imaging. In addition, there are many open-source algorithms, published network topologies, and pre-trained parameters of neural network. You can also find solutions to error messages or tough questions through online communities.

These novel tools and techniques are a great opportunity for people who are in medical imaging, bioinformatics, and radiology practices to expand their horizons. In this lecture, Dr. Do will discuss three topics: 1) Projects and applications that can be developed and easily implemented. 2) Challenging projects with current technologies and how to overcome them. 3) Exciting new fields that we can tackle together.


Dr. Synho Do is Director of the Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation (LMIC). He has a MS in Electrical Engineering (cryptosystem analysis) and a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering (nonlinear biological system analysis). As a NIH T32 fellow, Dr. Do received clinical training in the Cardiac MR PET CT program, He then built his team of scientists, clinicians, and mentors as an instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Medical Director for Advanced Health Technology Engineering, Research, and Development within the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO). His research interests are high performance computing, nonlinear system identification, complex system modeling, and clinical workflow understanding. He is a founding member of the Center for Clinical Data Center at MGH.

Michael Yong Jun Choi is the CEO of  Pintech Inc. Seoul, Korea. He recieved BS in Mechanical Design Eng. at Seoul National University and MBA from Stanford University. He is currently Chairman and founder of Pintech Inc. Seoul Korea. He  has previously founded Onetel Inc., Onetrade Ince. and 30 other startups.