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(Sep 10) Design innovation in intelligent analog/mixed-signal sensing interfaces towards the tactile internet at the University of Leuven


Design innovation in intelligent analog/mixed-signal sensing interfaces towards the tactile internet at the University of Leuven


2018.09.10 (Mon) 10:30-


Prof. Georges Gielen, University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium


Wooribyul Seminar Room (B/D E3-2, #2201)


Ubiquitous, networked sensors are increasingly important in the emerging era of the Internet of Things (IoT), as they are the gateway between the physical world and the ubiquitous electronics. This is the case in many modern-day applications ranging from smart cars to biomedical monitoring, environmental observations, energy control, etc. Ultra-low power consumption in combination with the desired accuracy levels, low cost and absolute robustness are main requirements for these sensors and their readout circuits. This can only be achieved by adopting innovative circuit architectures in combination with advanced technologies. The wave beyond – the tactile internet – will add even more constraints with its real-time constraints, demanding local processing and intelligence embedded in the edge interfaces. This presentation will give an overview of the current work done and planned in the area of smart and flexible integrated sensor interfaces and converters at the University of Leuven. This will be illustrated with several practical IC design examples.


Georges G.E. Gielen received the MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium, in 1986 and 1990, respectively. He is Full Professor in the MICAS research division at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT). From August 2013 till July 2017 he was also appointed at KU Leuven as Vice‐Rector for the Group of Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and he was also responsible for academic Human Resource Management. His research interests are in the design of analog and mixed‐signal integrated circuits, and especially in analog and mixed‐signal CAD tools and design automation. He is a frequently invited speaker/lecturer and coordinator/partner of several (industrial) research projects in this area, including several European projects. He has (co‐)authored 10 books and more than 600 papers in edited books, international journals and conference proceedings. He is Fellow of the IEEE since 2002, and received the IEEE CAS Mac Van Valkenburg career award in 2015. He is a 1997 Laureate of the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts in the discipline of Engineering.