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(July 23th) Designing Operating Systems for 2020s


Designing Operating Systems for 2020s


2019.07.23 (Tue) 10:30-12:00


Changwoo Min (ECE Dept., Virginia Tech)


N26-#101 (Auditorium)


The traditional operating system design is in question as significant advances in hardware technologies and drastic changes in the use of the operating system in modern data center applications. In this talk, I will present two of my recent work, Solros and HermiTux, which address the new challenges in operating system design. Solros is a new operating system architecture for heterogeneous systems that comprise fast host processors, slow but massively-parallel co-processors, and fast I/O devices. In Solros architecture, co-processor OS (data-plane OS) delegates its services, specifically I/O stacks, to the host OS (control-plane OS) so we make the best use of specialized processors and can efficiently perform global coordination with system-wide knowledge. HermiTux is a unikernel, which is a minimal operating system executing just one application. Since HermiTux is specialized to run one application, it does not include any unused code unlike general-purpose operating system so it reduces attack surface significantly. Moreover, HermiTux is binary-compatible with Linux so it can run native Linux executables.    


Changwoo Min is an Assistant Professor in the Bradley Department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Virginia Tech (VT). His research interests fall into the broad area of computer systems, including operating systems, storage systems, concurrency, distributed systems, and systems security. Particularly, he is interested in the cross-layer work of developing software solutions by leveraging emerging new hardware technologies. Before joining Virginia Tech in Fall 2017, he was a research scientist at Georgia Tech working with Prof. Taesoo Kim. In February 2014, he completed Ph.D. at Sungkyunkwan University. Before starting his Ph.D., he developed  various software products including Linux-based mobile platform (Tizen), Java virtual machine (J9), and desktop operating system (OS/2) in Samsung Electronics and IBM.