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(Aug 16th) Big Picture on Self-Driving Car Industry & More


Big Picture on Self-Driving Car Industry & More


2019.08.16 (Fri) 10:30-12:00


Dr. Hyunggi Cho, CEO and Co-Founder of Phantom AI, Inc., USA


Matrix Room, 2F, KI Building, KAIST


This talk will go over megatrend on recent developments on self-driving car industry. It begins from a brief history of vehicle automation to five different levels of autonomy and their killer applications. The second part of the talk consists of perspectives on new automotive sensors (i.e., radar, camera, and LiDAR) and new algorithm development based on those sensors. The last part of the talk will be about personal journey on my startup, Phantom AI. The story is on why I started the startup and how I managed the first two years and finally how we are surviving.


Dr. Hyunggi Cho is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Phantom AI, Inc. a start-up located in San Francisco, California. Phantom AI is a self-driving technology partner for Tier1s and OEMs, producing software for autonomous vehicles. Prior to his time at Phantom AI, Hyunggi was a Senior Control Engineer at Tesla Motors, focused on Autopilot R&D for Tesla Motors. He worked on several key aspects of perception for Tesla’s Autopilot system including sensor fusion S/W framework (i.e., sensor logging, playback, and visualization), computer vision, and localization and mapping. Prior to his time at Tesla, Dr. Cho was a PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, where he focused on autonomous driving. His previous roles include Embedded Linux kernel programmer at AL Tech (April 2004 – May 2005); Real-Time Software Programmer (August 2002 – March 2004). He holds a B.S. in Control Measurement from Sun Moon University, a Master of Science in Localization in Wireless Sensor Work from Yonsei University, a Master of Science in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University (2010), and a PhD in Autonomous Driving from Carnegie Mellon University (2014).