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(Sep 23rd) Quantum Computing for Quantum Chemical Systems


Quantum Computing for Quantum Chemical Systems


2019.09.23 (Mon) 14:30


Dr. Scott Genin ( Head of material discovery in OTI )


Wooribyul Seminar Room(E3-2, #2201)


Quantum computers present a unique opportunity to model chemical systems by simulating their inherent quantum nature, thus enabling faster and more accurate simulations. While the theory and algorithms to run these simulations on quantum computers have advanced significantly, current quantum computing hardware has difficulty performing these simulations due to limited quantum resources and coherence time. New algorithms such as the Qubit Coupled Cluster along with new measurement protocols, enable molecules larger than triatomic and diatomic molecules to be simulated on current quantum hardware. In this seminar, we will provide an overview of quantum computing, how quantum chemistry simulations are performed on a quantum computer and the algorithms that we developed at OTI Lumionics, that enables us to simulate OLED molecules on currently available quantum hardware. Our work demonstrates the near-term potential for these algorithms to simulate chemical reactions, that could help understand reaction pathways and design new catalysts.


Dr. Scott Genin is the Head of Materials Discovery at OTI Lumionics Inc., where he manages the computational design and synthesis of novel materials for organic light-emitting diodes. As part of his role, he leads the development of algorithms to simulate molecules on quantum computers. Dr. Genin has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering and multiple publications and patents in a wide range of fields from quantum computing, material science, and biotechnology. OTI Lumionics is a Canadian company that develops novel materials for the OLED industry using simulations. Our main product is the ConducTorrtm, that enables a large size top emission OLED display, a high transparent OLED display and new functions integrated with OLED display such as an under-display camera.