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(October 27) Robots, autonomy, and computer vision


Robots, autonomy, and computer vision


14:00-15:00, Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Martial Hebert (Director, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA)


Woori-Byul Seminar Room #2221


Computer vision has made considerable progress over the past decade. Yet, it is still far from the capabilities needed in intelligent, autonomous robots. In this presentation, I will discuss aspects of scene understanding, object recognition, and 3D reconstruction in the context of robotics. Of particular interest is understanding the fundamental challenges that need to be addressed for these capabilities to be migrated to dependable, trustable robots operating with people. I’ll identify research directions that need to be explored further in the area of integrating vision and mobile robotics.


Martial Hebert is a Professor of Robotics at Carnegie-Mellon University and director of the Robotics Institute. His interest includes computer vision, especially recognition and scene understanding in images and video data, model building and object recognition from 3D data, and perception for mobile robots and for intelligent vehicles. His group has developed approaches for object recognition and scene analysis in images, 3D point clouds, and video sequences. In the area of machine perception for robotics, his group has developed techniques for people detection, tracking, and prediction, and for understanding the environment of ground vehicles from sensor data.