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(August 10) Innovation Generation for Meaning- and Useful Minimal Invasive Image Guided Therapy Products


Innovation Generation for Meaning- and Useful Minimal Invasive Image Guided Therapy Products


August 10th, 2015 - 4:30 ~ 5:30 pm


Michael Friebe (Professor, Otto-von-Guericke-University)


Department of Mechanical Engineering E1 Seminar Room (#3213)


Everyone is using the word INNOVATION, but especially in the context of medical technologies the meaning may be completely different for the Clinicians, Scientist, Engineers, Administrator, Health Economist, and of course the Patient. To create meaning- and useful products and services it is necessary to understand the complex interdisciplinary interactions in the innovation creation process. The lecture will give an introduction to some basic innovation techniques partly based on the BIODESIGN (Stanford University) concept and partly based on the personal experience of the lecturers 25 years as innovator, entrepreneur, and scientist. The chair of Minimal Invasive Image Guided Therapies at the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, Germany (a public research university — and some of their work is introduced, with a focus on telemanipulation systems and hybrid imaging concepts, as well as the design of new therapy tools.


Dr. Michael Friebe has been involved in diagnostic imaging and image guided therapeutic products and services as well as other related Medical Technology ventures, as founder / innovator / CEO and investor. He previously was the Founder and CEO of Tomovation + Alliance Medical Northern and Central Europe (Alliance bought Tomovation in 2008 – both radiology services companies) and prior to that of NEUROMED AG (acquired by UMS AG in 2001). Dr. Friebe currently is a Board Member of two startup R&D companies – intraoperative SPECT System / Volumetric Ultrasound – a shareholder of several startups, as well as investment partner of a medical technology startup-fund. He was a board member of three publicly traded medical technology companies in the US and currently sits on the board of Eckert&Ziegler BEBIG AG from Senefe, Belgium. Dr.Friebe is a regular speaker, listed inventor in more than 50 patent applications, and has written well over 60 articles. He is a member of IEEE, ISMRM, RSNA, and ECR and an affiliated professor with the chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP) at TUM. In December 2014 Michael Friebe has accepted a full professorship of Catheder Technologies at the Otto von Guericke Universität Madgeburg, Germany. 주최: 권동수 교수님 (Tel. 3042,